What To Consider When Choosing A WordPress Theme

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WordPress Stats and Genesis is the Number 1 theme!


WordPress Statistics for the Top 500K Sites

Results in the charts below are derived from examining the Alexa top 500K sites. WordPress sites were identified through discovery of /wp-content/plugins/ and / or /wp-content/themes/ in the HTML source of the page.

Other studies of WordPress have found total number of WordPress sites in the 20% – 25% range. The number of 20.9% that has been observed here is significant due to fact that these sites are not personal blogs, they are some of the most high traffic sites on the Internet.

I’ve read many times that WordPress powers almost a quarter of the internet but was surprised and thrilled to see under Themes that genesis is number 1 and double it’s closest competitor. This solidifies my decision to use genesis framework and child themes built on it.

If you are interested in stats, there are plenty more to ponder right here.


The Possible Effects of Automattic’s Acquisition of Scroll Kit

From Torque by Jay Hoffmann

Interesting acquisition. Type of tool that gives a SQUARESPACE feel to a site.  Can’t wait to play with it!

To add to its list of recent acquisitions, Automattic snatched up New York startup Scroll Kit last week, and added its creators to the product group. If you haven’t heard of it, Scroll Kit is a visual website building tool, with a snappy drag and drop interface. Their platform features simple WYSIWYG tools that allow users to create a simple one-page website simply by dragging images and text around a page in pre-configured templates.

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